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Matthew Handcrafted Classical Series
My earliest handcrafted Classical models – Matthew Rosewood and Matthew Concert – were influenced by the sound and structure of Spanish classical guitars. At that time, many my customers desired high sound volume. My Matthew Custom and Matthew Special were made according to this concept. To a certain extent, their design and the sound were reminiscent of Greg Smallman. While these early features are a critical component of all MW guitars, nowadays I try to achieve a balance between volume and richness. I believe the most important quality of sound for a great guitar is its warmth of tone and ease of response. My double-top model – Infinity – is well known for this. For those who prefer more volume, I’ve created a new model – Thunderstorm – to meet those needs. Thunderstorm features a different body and bracing structure, which make for an extraordinarily loud sound.

New Arrivals
M6 - Solid Top

Matthew Basic Classical Series
In order to meet the various needs, we also offer a selection of Matthew Basic Series. The Basic Series are partially crafted by Matthew workshop’s senior staffs and assembled by our carefully selected licensed factories in China. All fine wood used for the Basic Series are chosen by myself and I also go through the inspections on every guitar with help from my staffs in the workshop.

M3 - Solid Top
M4 - Solid Top
M5 - Solid Top
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