Matthew Guitars Musicians
Gabriel Guillen
An internationaly acclaimed artist, who teaches at the Joseph Haydn Konservatorium in Eisenstadt, Austria, gives master classes and concerts in more than 34 counrties of the world and records for Philips and Record.v4m (Austria).

Luz Maria
A top classical guitar musician in Paraguay. She is also an inheritor of Augstin Barrios Mangore's musical spirit.

Ernesto Tamayo
Ernesto Tamayo was the first prize winner of the 1995 NGWS in New Milford, Connecticut. He has toured extensively throughout North and South America and Europe.

Massimo Stefanizzi
Born in Venice, graduated from Venice Music Conservatoire, studying classical guitar (Angelo Amato), electronic music (Alvise Vidolin) and composition (Ugo Amendola). Active as a composer since 1985, among others his prize-winning composition Paradigma has been published. He currentely plays Matthew cumstom made 10-strings classical guitar.

Anna Likhacheva
Anna Likhacheva is well-known as one of the youngest outstanding classical guitar musicians internationally and she represents for the new generation of prize winning musicians in the field of classical guitar music.

Steven Law
The youngest classical musician in Hong Kong. He has won numbers of noted awards in Hong Kong.

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